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Bring nature home

SIMPLE GROW is a small farm you can plant in your own apartment, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also to improve the quality of your air with the plants as natural air purifiers.

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Wellness lifestyle

Enjoy pesticide-free, organic vegetables you have grown yourself in the comfort of your own home. Experience nature's remedies from the comfort of your own home without the need to plan weekend trips to distant farms.

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Teach with Nature

Watching plants grow helps children's learning and emotional well-being. 

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Easy plant care

SIMPLE GROW makes taking care of plants easy. Just plant them in the pot, add nutrients and water, and let the technology take care of the rest. You won't need to take time out of your busy schedule.


Grow plants easily with SIMPLE GROW.

Each plant requires different amounts of light, nutrients, temperature, and water.

SIMPLE GROW creates an optimal environment for plants to grow without the user needing to invest extra time to learn detailed information about carying for them.

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SIMPLE management with an app.

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All plants and nutrients can be purchased through the app. Enjoy a seamless, all-in-one experience.


Plant Encyclopedia

Learn more about the plants you are growing. The more you know, more fun it is to grow them!

Control how quickly your plants grow by adjusting their environment. The app will provide you with the information about your plants' needs.


Growth environment management

Access real-time information about your plants' growth environment.

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Drug residue detection based on spectroscopic technology

Narco Scan provides rapid and precise detection of residual pharmaceutical substances,
including narcotics, in water. It uses a small-size spectrosmeter combined with a unique signal processing algorithm to optimize the detection of the target substances. Narcoscan can be used as a stand-alone portable device, or be installed in existing waterworks systems, such as sewage treatment facilities.


This solution makes analysis available for more regions and various applications. The device can send the collected data directly to the cloud server, and combined with GPS data will provide a basis for tracking sewage dynamics and tracing the substances sources.

Target Substances

Pharmaceutical compounds, chemical compounds, etc.


51 mm (W) x 85 mm (D) x 106 mm (H) - customizable

Limit of Detection

1 μg/mL


99.9% (similar to the industry’s standard measurement equipment)

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Analysis Process


Signal processing

Signals improved
by PiQuant's algorithm

Data analysis
by matching and comparison

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Results displayed
on the app

Analysis Process


  • The analysis results’ accuracy is comparable to the industry-leading equipment at a significantly lower cost


  • Test results ready within 1 hour   (pre-processing required)

  • On-site detection


  • Houses essential components – LED, spectrometer, PCB (printed circuit board)

  • Portable model is available to perform tests by individual users


  • Easy to embed into existing systems

  • Easy-to-use as a portable device 


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